is a character-driven survival game currently in development by Three Eyed Games. Set after the outbreak of an epidemic disease that turns its victims into raving undead, you take control of a diverse group of survivors. Each character is defined by needs, traits, desires and ambitions, with only one common goal: survival.

Scavenge for resources and try to make a stand in a hostile world as a nomad, sweeping the lands in search of the most valuable leftovers, or designate a safe zone and settle down. Construction of settlements and infrastructure is a great way to gain shelter and quality of life, but also attracts attention: other survivors roaming the lands, ruthless bandit clans, and the ever-present undead that are blessed with perseverance, if not much else.

SWARMED is about choice and effect, about shaping the fate of a select few, about loss of control and devastating consequences. Most of all, it is about creating your story.